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Long-term car rental

Hire a vehicle of your choice for 6 to 36 months.

The car is the most convenient mode of transport, but car maintenance requires substantial expenditures of time and money. Avoid these troubles by opting for long-term car rental services. This is a great solution for both businesses and private individuals.

Benefits of long-term car rental:

  • There is no need for any initial investment for purchasing a car or maintenance services.
  • You can plan your exact expenses, as monthly car hire payments stay the same throughout the entire rental period.
  • All of your long-term hire expenses can be attributed to operational company costs.
  • There will be no need to account for asset depreciation or to hire employees for maintaining your vehicles.
  • If your rental vehicle is undergoing repairs or technical maintenance, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Long-term rental fee includes:

  • KASKO insurance.
  • TPVCA insurance (Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for Owners of Motor Vehicles).
  • Technical maintenance services.
  • Replacement vehicle during repairs.
  • Seasonal tire change and free storage.
  • Full management of repair services.
  • Representation before insurance companies, management and execution of repair work if an insured event occurs.

Your only concern will be choosing which car you need and the amount of time you need it for. We will take care of everything else.

So don't hesitate and contact us now for a quote!

Long-term car hire services are the best solution for your transportation needs.

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