About us

LitCarRent is a high-quality and reliable car rental company with many years of working experience.

LITCARRENT - we are a company with many years of working experience, offering the best quality, the most reliable and economical cars for each and every one of you. This can also be seen in the very last numbers: last year we served more than 3,000 clients, and in the last three years we have grown our car fleet even 14 times! We are grateful to those who have became a part of our business and welcome those who are still looking for a short-term or long-term car rental service!

Our task is to make your everyday life easier!

Our task is that you reach your destination safely, conveniently and for the most reasonable price, so the technical condition of the vehicles, their fuel consumption, as well as their reliability and functionality, are of the highest importance to us. You save more with LitCarRent! LitCarRent is guided by a strict quality requirements, so we only offer our customers neat and well-prepared vehicles which provides maximum comfort and a high level of safety for any of your trip. Nevertheless, we provide technical assistance on the road 24/7. We are always ready to deliver or pick up the car at the address specified by you. We will offer GPS navigation or a child seat for a comfortable trip with children. For skiers and travelers, we will offer a capacious roof rack. LitCarRent's goal is to exceed your expectations!

Benefits you ask - we deliver:

- A large selection of vehicles. - High-quality transport perfectly prepared for any of your trip. - With LitCarRent cars you save more of your precious time and finances. - Delivery and collection of our vehicles at the any address specified by you. - We provide technical assistance on the road 24/7. Always with you and always yours - LitCarRent!

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